In the beginning...  It began with a stock 1994 Caprice Classic. The car is equipped with the 9C1 option (police car package).  It was used for several years in Indiana as a Sheriff Patrol unit.  Then found it's way down to Florida as a family car for a few years.  It has approximately 275,000 + miles.  Unfortunately, I cannot confirm that as the digital cluster was not working.  Which is typical of this cluster.  But, that only gives me a reason to replace it.

Here are some pictures of the car when I first got it - 7/04

Kore3 Z06 Big Brake Install & ABS Delete  5/30/14 - 7/15/14 Here's what it took for me to to install Corvette Z06 14/13 inch rotors on my Caprice SS

(Events are in reveres order from here on so you can follow along with my latest adventures.  If your new to my site, I would start from the bottom and work your way up.  Feel free to follow along with my project.  I will be adding pictures all the time.  Sometimes to categories you may have already reviewed.  So you might want to double check something's...   Enjoy...)

Live Oak Civic Center Indoor Car Show 1-2-2010

Darryl StarBird's Rod & Custom Show  2-20-09 thru 2-23-09  Under Construction

ImpalaFest 2008 9-27-08  First Place AND BEST PAINT!!!  Wow, I don't know what to say.  I told you that it needs to be sunny out to really see this paint, well under this Texas sun, it was a B E A U T I F U L day and this Laser Blue really sparkled.  This is just to true to believe, how AWESOME, Best Paint & First Place trophy's & trophy labels close up 

9th Annual Pontiac Car Club Classic Car Show 9-6-08 Dangit, went and forgot my camera again.  My first plaque, 3rd place, open competition, it's a little harder competing against classic Impala SS's, but I still did get 3rd...  Nice...

Impala SS Club of America Nationals 2008  6-14-08  ISSCA Nationals in St. Louis, MO.  It was an absolute blast to see all my Impala club friends, from IndipalaSS, SSoAR and SAIL.  Unfortunately I had to leave a day early.  I did take home first plane in my class, one more trophy to add the the collection.  SWEET.

San Antonio Military Appreciation Car Show  5-17-08 Opps, went and forgot my camera...  Wouldn't you know, I get first place too...  Hey, this is two years in a row that I've taken first place and I go and forget my camera.  My second trophy of the year, yea!

Wheels Around the Square 2008, Seguin, TX  5-3-08  My first trophy of the year.  SWEET... Told you all I needed was the sun to come out...  It was fun to hang out with the group and look at some AWESOME machines!  Anyhow, enjoy the picture from the Seguin car show.

April Update - Car show season has started and I'm not having the same luck that I did last year.  Been to 3 more shows and still no trophy this year.   Okay, maybe it's the tougher competition.  Nah, it's because every show I've been to  it's cloudy and without the sun the metal flake in my paint just doesn't shine, it supposed to pop out at you.  That just doesn't work when the sun hides behind the clouds.  Sorry no pictures from these shows as I forgot my camera, no really I did.  I have been ask to start taking pictures again, so I will start with the next show.

Leon Valley Open Car Show 2008, Leon Valley, TX  3-16-08 - First car show if the year, time to clean the cob webs out from the corners of the back window, run the bad gas out of the tank and get this car back up to first place status.  Spent the evening before and the morning of getting her all cleaned up.  Looks' GOOD...  Even though I didn't place at this show it was GREAT to caravan over to the show and back again, visit with fellow club members and a  fellow employee who brought his classic out and did take home a trophy in class.  Too bad it was so cloudy, the paint just doesn't pop out at you in the dark.

Headers Installed, and Looks' Good  2-28-08  What is it about headers that just make it that much better, looks, sound and performance, YES, thee of my favorite things!!!  Had an Oh $@#$... Made the mistake of leaving the hood open, while on jack stands and shut the garage door.  As the garage door came down the bracket that connect the door to the chain decides to scratched the #@$%@#$ out of my hood.  I could not be more upset with myself!!!  But, $#it happens.  I was fortunate, Arnold Baker put 6 layers of clear coat and it was able to be buffed out.  I am so thankful they put that may layers of clear down.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Trunk Carpet and panels installed 2-28-08 I ordered a trunk carpet and kit which includes side panels.  I'm not sure how much I like the fit of these panels.  I may be rethinking these panels and upgrading to something a little better fit.  But, having a nice carpet really does make the trunk look good.

5th Annual Dragnet Car Show, Live Oak, TX   10-20-07 - Beautiful day spent with my fellow car show enthusiasts.  Over 100 cars showed up along with 8 of my SAIL club members.  I had a BLAST hanging out and looking at some awesome muscle cars!  Click on the link and you can enjoy them too.  Ohh, and yes I did take home a 3rd Place Trophy.  SWEET!!!

ImpalaFest 2007  9-22-07 - Took home a First Place Trophy.  SWEET!!!  I was also told that I was neck and neck for best paint.  That would have been a real honor to have a best paint trophy. 

Dyno run 9-8-07 - Well we had a dyno day here in San Antonio and I put the car thru it's paces and she put down 279.65 hp @ 5000 and 299.30 @ 4500 ft. lb. torque.  Not bad for a car with stock manifolds.  I wonder what that number will be with a set of headers..  hhhmmmm.....

LTCC DIS Upgrade  8-18-07 - PUT ON HOLD - Due To Technical Difficulties - Well my Opti-Spark finally gave up on me, luckily I was only a couple blocks from home and I was able to nurse her back home and start the ultimate ignition upgrade.  YEP, I'm going distributorless.  LTCC make a coil-over-spark plug Distributorless Ignition System (DIS).  This will eliminate Opti-Spark failures which is the Achilles-heel of the LT1 engine.  Well this project has been put on a hold.  After fighting this install and not getting the engine to run properly I installed a new opti and just went back to the original system.  Funny thing is the car runs stronger then it ever did before.

ISSCA Nationals in St. Louis, Mo @ Gateway International Raceway   6-16-07 - What a RUSH!!!  Literally.  This years Nationals seemed a little busy.  The schedule was shortened down from a 4 day event to a 2 day event.  At first I thought the idea would be kind of nice.  Save some vacation for other cars shows, but the car show bled over into the road race event and with me racing the Impala SS, I didn't get a chance to really spend much time looking at other AWESOME Impala SS and Caprice's.  I did manage to get sometime and snapped a few pictures along with my Dad taking a few of me taking a one lap cruse with the Caprice around Gateway Raceway.  This year my Caprice SS did take how a First Place Trophy, how SWEET it is!

San Antonio Military Appreciation Car Show  5-19-07 - I decided to go ahead and go to a local car show a few of my other SAIL (San Antonio Impala Lovers) had been talking about going to.  Little did I know I would walk away with a First Place Trophy.  There was some very nice cars at this show.  I enjoyed it.  Hope you enjoy the few pictures I took. 

Luling Car Show 4-14-07 - I was invited to attend the 2007 16th Annual Oil City Car show sponsored by Carroll Barron's Luling Chevrolet, in Luling, TX.  I was fortunate enough to walk away with  very cool Second Place Trophy.

Door Panel Pulls 3-26-07  Billet Aluminum door pull handles...  Sweet!!! (under construction)

Eye Candy 3-10-07 what is it about billet aluminum that really makes stuff look COOL!

CAR SHOW WINNER - 12-1-06  I have taken both Impala SS and my Caprice SS to 2 car shows and they both have won first place in there classes at both shows.  You can read more about my car show experience at the ISSCA 2006 Nationals and at ImpalaFest 2006.  This has been an excellent experience and I am looking forward to getting back on my El Camino SS Project


My 1994 Caprice SS build process
- Click here to go back and follow the process I went through to get the car into the condition I have it today.


Special thanks to these guys for their services and/or information they have provided!



Modification List...


Repaint to Chevrolet Laser Blue Metallic

Impala SS wheels

SLP ram air hood w/functioning intake setup

Street Trends front & rear smooth fascia

Custom front & rear grill inserts

Removal of front & rear wheel moldings w/rears filled in.

Lower rocker chrome painted body color

Caprice SS side scripts

John Moss rear spoiler

Impala SS style rear taillights

Rear trunk lock relocated

1995-96 style exterior rear view mirrors

Blue SSLED bowtie

Fog Lights

Clear turn signal marker lens

Spot light removed & hole filled in

Undercoated after rust removal treatment


Billet aluminum door pull handles

Roadmaster leather 6 way power seats with center (arm rest) removed.

Roadmaster matching matching rear seat

Roadmaster door panels

Roadmaster automatic climate control

Remote keyless entry

Rear reading lights

Twilight sentinel (automatic headlights)

Bravada center floor console with functioning floor shifter. 

Removal of column mounted shift lever

F-body dash/cluster

Caprice SS center dash insert

Custom Caprice SS floor mats PIC1   PIC2

SRS (air-bag) removed

Uplevel tape player

Rear view electro chromatic mirror

Custom SS center aluminum defroster vent w/blue LED back lighting

Polk 6.5 inch door & 6x9 rear deck speakers


Under the Hood

1994 LT1 pulled from a Z28 refreshed with the LT4 Hot Cam Kit installed, paint Chevy Orange

SLP ram air intake setup

ABS removed

SRS removed

Goodyear blue hoses installed

Export Pipe w/O2's installed

2.5 complete cat back exhaust system

Front suspension completely rebuilt with PPM

Custom PCM programming

Front coil springs 1 round cut & rear spring from a 78 Malibu

Billet aluminum decorative pieces.

Stuff I plan to do or would like to do...

A-pillar pod with Trans Temp gauge, Air/Fuel (rich/lean) gauge, Fuel Pressure gauge

Custom trunk kit w/liner


Overhead console with digital compass/temperature display

BMR rear extended upper & lower control arms

3:73 gears & aluminum driveshaft

Window tint

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