A little about me and how the name CaminoKid came about and why I started a website named after it. 

Interested in the meaning of Camino?

Camino is Spanish for Road, Route, Lane, Way, Away, Off

When I created my website back in 1998 to share pictures with friends and faminly, I did not realize that it would mean "Road Kid".  I can not think of anything more appropriate though, as my current life style puts me on the road a lot, last time I checked, I average about 50-60,000 miles a year. 

How the name CaminoKid came about was during my college years.  I used to drive a 1971 El Camino SS (My second car).  When I first started college I would commute back and forth between college & home.  Shortly after I decided to get a CB radio to give me a little entertainment during the trips back and forth.  Mostly, I just listened to the truckers never really saying anything.  I graduated 2 years later, but decided that wasn't enough higher education and went for my BST (Bachelor of Science in Technology) degree.  This ment switching colleges.  My daily commute was no longer possible with my new college being out of state.  That still didn't stop me from making the trip home every weekend.  The problem was, during the trip I would get bored just listening to the radio or CB.  I finally got the nerve to talk on the CB.  I would start making comments about where the state highway patrols were parked, what direction they were going or last seen.  One Sunday, on my way back to college, I was talking with a trucker heading the same direction, we talked for what seemed like an hour.  He was wondering who I was, what I was doing, which college I was attending, what I was driving, etc.  I was still driving my El Camino SS and before tool long soon arrived at my exit and we parted ways.  As he continued north he said; "Good luck with you schooling, CaminoKid."

The name stuck ever since.  I ended up selling that 71 El Camino SS and the old CB radio has been replaced with a newer one. But, CaminoKid is used daily as my website address and email adddress.  I would likely turn around just as quick if someone called me CaminoKid as if my real name were called out.

I still have a soft spot for El Camino's as you can see my progress with the 69 El Camino project. 

You might be wondering how does someone transition from a El Camino fanatic to a Impala fanatic?  It's a little lengthily, so follow along.

I was hired right out of college and relocated to Michigan.  Having been raised in the central US (SD, MN, OK & KS), Michigan was a bit of a shock, but most of all, the winters took their toll on my poor old El Camino.  The El Camino quickly started to fall to pieces and I seemed to be making repairs on a weekly basis.  I was tired of fixing this old work horse, but it had that certain aura about it that always had people turning their heads.  I like that.  If I was going to get another car it would have to have that same feeling, same image...

I had been looking at many different cars Firebird TransAm WS6, Camaro Z28 SS, but they just didn't fit me.  Literally, I'm a little over 6 ft and big guy, (I'm not fat, I'm just big boned!)  But these cars just didn't have that something.  If I'm to be taking this car on a road trip, I don't want to be stiff & sore upon arrival.  I was at a Chevy dealer test driving a new Camaro and the salesman picked up on this and showed me My Impala SS.  We test drove that and WOW, the performance was not to bad for a 4500 pound car, and man is it ever roomy.  I signed my life away for the next several years and she was mine!

That winter was nothing like the previous as my Impala thought it was a 4x4, when compared to my El Camino.  Yes, my Impala saw one Michigan winter, she was properly taken care of though, never left any buildup of snow/salt/sand and always washed frequently.  Before next winter, I purchased a full size K-Blazer (K5) and parked my Impala SS during the winters.

At that time, I did not feel that special aura about the car, but back in 1971, I have a feeling nether did the owner of a certain El Camino SS.  Now that is it 10 years later, that aura is their and I love driving my Impala SS as much as, if not more than my old El Camino SS.

How/Why did I create www.CaminoKid.com.  To share pictures with family & friends of course!  I had moved 15 hours from home, so much for going home on weekends.  When I lived in MI I had started my webiste just for this purpose.  After spending 7 long years in Michigan, I was relocated again.  I had been there too long!  SWEET, I'm outta MI and moved to LA.  That's the state of Louisiana, not Los Angles.  So, I started making new friends and they were asking if I had pictures of my Impala SS, pictures of my house, pictures of ______ (you fill in the blank).   I decided it was time to get my website back up and running.  It took about a year after relocation, but I was able to get my website up and running again.

Now, I've moved again, this time into the great state of TEXAS!!!  And YES, everything is BIGGER in Texas!  Surprisingly, everyone wanted to see picture of my new house, pictures of my cars, pictures, picture, pictures.  Well, I cranked up the computer again and my website was back up and running in short order. 

Sharing pictures and information was the main reason I creation of www.CaminoKid.com.  I'm not sure what the future holds, but I have a feeling www.CaminoKid.com will be around for a little while.  Of course now My Space, FaceBook, Twitter and other websites do the same as my website was inteded to, but those are for everyone, this space is my little corner of the internet.  I doubt, any of those listed about would appreciate keeping up with my site, as it has almost 15,000 files of which 99% are images and is just shy of 5GB.  Give me another year and I'll surpass that.