My 1995 Impala SS Purchased NEW on 10-10-95


My Impala SS:  

Original Pictures of MY Impala SS

Upgrades Checklist
Upgrades Done to My Impala SS Pre-2004  
Upgrades Done to My Impala SS after Jan, 2004  
Events That I've Attended:

1st Annual ISSCA Nationals the Tulsa Round-Up 2003

2nd Annual ISSCA Nationals the Vegas SShowdown 2004
3rd Annual ISSCA Nationals the Mountian MadneSS 2005
4th Annual ISSCA Nationals 2006 - Indianapolis, IN. - under construction
5th Annual ISSCA Nationals - St. Louis, MO. - under construction
ImpalaFest 2001
ImpalaFest 2003
ImpalaFest 2004
ImpalaFest 2005
ImpalaFest 2006 - under construction

Dreamapalooza 2001

Hot Rod Power Tour 2004 Impala SS

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Impala SS Prototype

1994 El Camino SS Prototype

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