The 1969 El Camino SS Project Car

Time Line of events: (latest to earliest) Last Update - December 18, 2010 08:28 PM

     Curious about the Rotisserie that was used, see some of the details here...
Before                                                                                    After

The El Camino was put in storage shortly after it was painted due to financial reasons.  About a year later it was removed and a TON of flaws were noticed in the paint.  Sanding marks are noticeable in almost every panel.  The spray in bed liner has also started peelings.  This is very unfortunate.  I have thus decided to put this project on hold and "rethink" my plans for this El Camino.

1-12-08 - DONE - I picked up my El Camino from Jon Geis @ here are the pictures he took thru the body shop.  Still pleanty of work left to be done, so I'll keep you updated a progress moves along.
    Pictures of the completely painted El Camino
11-1-07 Back in action again - the El Camino found it's way to Jon Geis @ to have the body work completed and painted.  I will get pictures from Jon upon completion, but you can visit his website to follow along.
1-2-2004 Fire Wall smoothing.  A friend of mine did this once and told me never to do it.  Well we started and even though it's difficult I think we made the right decision.  Check out our progress
    Smooth Bulkhead
1-1-04 Harness time, we have been considering going with Painless wiring or something of that nature.  But as budget draws tight it's time for other measures.  So here's my version of Painless Wiring, (painless my @$$)
     Rear Tail Harness
12-30-03 - Continue efforts on our smugglers box.  This is a place for us to extend the back of the cab to hid things...
    Smugglers box
12-26-03 Over Christmas Break I went home and my friend Brent came down from Wisconsin and helped my Dad and I put the body back on the frame.  We were very pleased with how easily everything went together.  If you skip down to December 2003 you can read up on how we separated the body from the frame.  Doesn't seem like a year has gone by already.  Check out how nice the underside looks.  WOW!!!  Just need a few more parts and we will have the underside DONE!
    Marriage is what brings us together...  Undercarriage Pictures
12-24-03 - Finish bending brake line and fuel lines.  Unfortunately didn't take much for pictures but did get a few of the brake components
     Stopping Power
8-10-03 Rushed the body over the have is primed, last thing we need is rust setting in. 
     All Primed and no place to go...
8-10-03 Just got the body back from the Sandblasters.  You sure can see the dents, dings and rust holes.  What have we gotten ourselves into? 
    Body's Back from Sandblasting
4-15-03 At this point most of the frame and suspension has been completed.  Koni shocks will be installed once there is some weight on the frame.  Don't want to over extend these shocks.  We only have brake lines and fuels lines left to install.
    Completed Frame
3-?-03 Front Suspension parts arrive from Global West along with BMR Sway Bar and Moog Progressive rate springs and steering assembly.  From there the front suspension gets pre-assembly to test how everything fits. 
    Front Suspension Parts Pics  Rear Suspension Parts Pics
2-?-2003 - Found something out that most hot rodders would love to know.  A rear disc brake assembly off a 1995 Z28 Camaro will bolt on to a 1969 12 bolt.  Only one modification is necessary, relocating the shock mounts from the out side of the lower control arms to the inners.  See the pictures. 
    Pics of Diff
1-?-2003 - Stripped frame and then had it sand blasted and powder coated. Turned out beautiful...
    Pics of Powder Coated Frame 
12-28-2002 - Some time during the Christmas break we separated the body from the chassis.  During this time we were also in the process of building a homemade rotisserie to hold the body.  It's working great!  See me at work making a real hide away receiver. (Hidden in the bumper behind a flip down license plate.)
    Pics of body off frame     Pics of the Chassis 
7-10-2002 - Pulled into shop and started striping the el Camino in order to pull the body off the frame.
   Pics in Shop
3-10-2002 - Purchased 1969 el Camino - Pictures of the el Camino in California where we bought it.
    Original Pics