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This years nationals where held in Indianapolis, IN.  Home of the IndipalaSS.  A club I recently joined, but have been a honorary member from time to time over the past several years.  I was excited to have the nationals in Indy and be able to spend time with my Indy club members. 

This year was a special year for me.  Not only had I become a member of IndipalaSS, I was also asked to join SSOAR as a founding member.  SSOAR is the Super Sport Owners of Arkansas.  It's GREAT to finally have a local club (3 hours away) to hang out with and have fun with other Impala SS owners and enthusiasts.  But even more exciting was to have others along who are just as crazy about Impala SS's and my Dad and I.

Over the past year I have been steadily working on my 94 Caprice SS.  This will be the début of the completed project.  For the last couple months I along with a very good friend (Thanks, Stacey!!!) had been diligently working on getting my Caprice SS done (See my Caprice SS)   We were extremely interested in how she would do in the show.  An unfortunate engine miss would not let me run the car on the track so all she would be able to do is shine.  Unfortunately, on this occasion, it's all show and...well you know the rest of that quote.

On the other hand my Impala SS was seasoned veteran and ready for both.  Yes, you read that right, I decided to bring both of my B-Bodies to the 2006 ISSCA Nationals.  So, off we go to Indianapolis, IN

My dad and I arrived a day early.  Registration was open, so we registered my Impala SS under my name and my Caprice SS under my Dad's name.   We dragged our stuff up to our hotel room and started cleaning the cars.  What was I thinking having 2 show cars, we spent all day (well over 12 hours) cleaning both cars.  I had spent the day before (back home) cleaning the interior and power washing under the hood.  How can one car (my Impala) that was parked since last season, get SO dirty?  The Caprice SS I understand, it spent 7 months in a dusty body shop.  Well, both my Dad and I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more, both cars are looked GREAT.  Of course, what happens when this many people wash their cars before a car show?   It RAINS...

Day 1, the Car show.  I get up a little early and drag my Dad out of bed, or maybe it was the other way around, anyhow we drag ourselves down the the wet cars and prepare for a drizzly car show.  Unfortunately due the cloud coverage and raining, the Caprice SS metallic/pearl paint looks like a wet bluish/purple.  It's just doesn't look the same with out the sun shining off  the sparkle of the metal flake & pearl.  The day goes on with both my dad and I keeping both cars semi dry. 

That afternoon SSOAR is one of the sponsors for the evening festivities along with the IndipalaSS.  Of course tonight is the 4th of July and we are downtown Indianapolis.  IndipalaSS had found a GREAT parking lot only blocks away from the fireworks show.  SSOAR shows up early and we set up to feed a bunch of hungry Impala SS lovers.  We start cooking hot dogs.  What else could be more home then hot dog, apple pies, Impala SS's & fireworks.  Once we got the 8 burners going the hot dogs were flying off the grill.  We managed to cook over 400 weenies, we lost 3 dogs to gravity and 2 to anxious cooks including myself...  Around 6:00 the herd starting coming in and managed to find there way around and to the food.  We passed out plenty of hot dogs that night.  

Pictures - under construction...proceed with caution!

Day 2, Drag Racing & Autocross - Let's go racing!  Unlike yesterday, today is nice and dry.  A little windy though. 

Day 3, Road Racing

Day 4 Morning Awards Breakfeast,